Visit to Rosedale with the Minor Mishap Band

It’s Friday! We’ve been waiting patiently all week to take our field trip and Friday finally arrived. We planned a trip to visit Rosedale School and hear the Minor Mishap Marching Band put on a special performance. So this one was super exciting. 

Arrived at Rosedale
Visiting Rosedale School was a great opportunity to meet people with special needs and disabilities.  When we got to the school, we met with Elizabeth, the principal of Rosedale, who told us a little about the school and the kids who attend there. After a quick Q&A, we had the option to be in the parade. Yes! So we got behind the band and marched/danced with students, teachers, and each other while seeing so many smiling faces in the audience. It truly was a unique experience. 

Caitlin playing in the band
Listening to the music!

Everyone ended up in the cafeteria where the band played a few songs while more people danced around. If you haven’t had the chance to see Minor Mishap Marching Band they are a must see. Great musicians and great people. 

Playing in the Cafeteria

 We had a great time! 

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