Visit to Renee’s house and lego animation

Emily and the editing process
Tuesday, we bundled up and drove south to visit Renee and her family. They recently moved and we’ve been hearing all about it, so naturally we were excited to finally see the new digs. Emily, Renee’s older sister (and frequent volunteer at the schoolhouse) has been working on the film, editing a rough cut of our lego animation for us to see. Wow! It was awesome to see it all coming together. After the viewing, we recorded our voices for dialog, narration, and sound effects. All that hard work indoors called for outdoor play! It was a piercing 34 degrees outside, but we took a walk to the nearby park and ran around for warmth. Thanks Dan, Emily, and Renee for letting us visit! We had a great experience. 

Jonas recording sound

Ready for our walk

Exploring the neighborhood

Sy using his binoculars

Brrrrr……warming up by the fire after our walk

Johnny came Thursday and brought all the animation equipment, so we could film the last and final scene of our movie. We truly appreciate Johnny and Emily for all their efforts and can’t wait for our movie premiere night! 

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