Visit to ACC

We took the metro rail last week for the first time this year to the Austin Community College Highland Campus to visit Brian, Amelia’s dad. He is a master controller operations specialist, or TV producer, and Amelia requested for us to go visit him. It was a great opportunity to see how producers operate the audio and visuals from a control room.  So many buttons! It was also fun to see ourselves on TV screens and hear our voices on loud speakers. We ended our trip with a picnic at the historic Plaza Saltillo and made fairy houses out of natural elements. 
Waiting for the train.

Brian showing us the control room. 
Jonas talking through the loud speakers.

Brian showed us how to test the microphones. 

Jonas in the ACC Board members meeting room.

Amelia, Caitlin, Brian, Renee, and Jonas controlling the cameras and audio for Sy. 

Sy on TV! 

Jonas and Amelia in the control room.
Lunch at the Plaza

Renee made a whale

Fairy home

Interesting natural materials

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