Valentine’s Day Party

On a recent democratic meeting, the students brought up the idea to throw a Valentine’s celebration. After a short discussion, we voted and the motion passed. We formed a Valentine’s day committee to plan the details and all week we prepared for the party. We decided that it was to be on Friday the 13th after lunch when everyone is ready. There would be music, a few sweet treats, appreciation cards, and individual boxes. Oh yeah, and GLITTER!

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It was great to see the students so excited about appreciating each other. The party really brought a warm feeling in the schoolhouse and the students shared genuine moments of thanks and kindness.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Party”

  1. hi,it’s me,liam.i want to check on how its going.i miss Amelia,caleb and max. cold you say hi to them for me.sincerly,liam

    1. Hi Liam! Thanks for your comments! I will definitely tell Amelia hi, but Caleb and Max go to a different school now too. It’s going great, and we hope you’re doing great too. You are always welcome to visit us. Lots of love, Caitlin

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