Spring gardening!


Spring has sprung at the Radicle Roots school garden. Every day, children are snacking, grazing on lettuce, snap peas, pea shoots, green onions, chives, mint, parsley, cilantro and other herbs. They talk about harvesting “refreshments” — real food for their pretend play. 

The younger class has been hard at work, learning about the lifecycle of plants. How do seeds germinate? What is a sprout, a seedling, vegetative growth? What does “propagation” mean and what different ways do plants reproduce themselves? How do humans help? They planted seeds in trays of compost, transplanted the seedlings into small pots, and then planted them in the garden when the plants reached the vegetative growth stage. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, squash, and tomatoes. As the plants continue to grow in the garden, we will watch them flower and make fruit. If all goes well, we will harvest and eat the fruits of our labor before the school year ends. We even had extra veggie starts left over to sell to raise money for our gardening budget! The kids were so proud of their work and loved getting their hands in real (home made!) compost.

The parent volunteers have also been hard at work in the garden. Weeding and wall-building are such satisfying work, and it’s a fun opportunity to socialize. Garden volunteers get to take home some of the abundance of lettuce that has all but taken over one of the garden beds. Yum!
 *** A special shout out to Angela for her guest post and for all her hard work on the garden***

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