Ready for an exciting year

We just started our third week of school and things are going great here at the schoolhouse. Our new location is spacious and full of creative opportunities. Just this week we are starting two new clubs voted in during our democratic meetings, Art Club and Birdwatching Club. We are also starting to draw up plans for our new garden.

The first week of school was orientation week where we practiced everyday procedures and discussed what makes our school special. There was a lot of discussion on what happens during self directed learning and democratic meetings.

Here Caitlin is telling the history of the Schoolhouse and why our name has become Radicle Roots. We get our name from a special part of a plant: the radicle is the tiniest part of the seed that becomes the root. In the embryonic plant, the radicle develops into the root, which then grows downward and allows the plant to grow up big and strong. Caitlin asked the children to imagine that they are also seeds. She explained how cultivating self-directed learning in each of our schoolhouse community members is like taking care of a plant. We have time each day to seek out that smallest part in each of us that will become our strong roots: the things we care about learning and want to master.

IMG_4951We planted pea seeds and watched the roots shoot down through the clear plastic cup and grow into beautiful plants.


Laura is reading Thank you Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco during story time, a beautiful book about learning differences.  IMG_5103

The puppet theater is an exciting self directed learning activity. IMG_4955

Our first field trip was to Deep Eddy Pool. We took the metro city bus! It was a first for a few of our students and it was exciting to say the least. IMG_4991IMG_4992

Our second field trip was to McKinney Falls State Park. We are partnering with Earth Native Wilderness School this year and get to explore wildlife around the park once a month. We made schoolhouse history by riding in a van all together to a field trip. IMG_5085

We all made a wish, whispered it to this tree, and then sang a new song. “By this tree I sit, quite a bit. Why it makes me happy? I don’t know. Long ago, someone made this tree for me. Thank you!” IMG_5094

Michelle is our Earth Native teacher and she is awesome! She told us an old story about how the stars came to be in our universe. IMG_5084


We have a flora club that meets once a week. Last week we made crowns out of vines we foraged around the schoolhouse yard. IMG_5004



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