Radicle Roots Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 school year!

We are happy to announce that Radicle Roots Community Schoolhouse will continue to serve its community in 2018-2019!

Come see us at the 2018 Alternative School Fair TODAY! (Saturday, February 17th) at the Spider House Ballroom from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and schedule a parent information tour (email info@radicleroots.org).  We can’t wait to share Radicle Roots Community Schoolhouse with you!

We are an experiential learning community where each child is seen, heard and supported in discovering their passions and building the skills to pursue authentic learning in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our culture and curriculum honor the whole child, build agency through democracy, foster nature connection and develop collaborative critical thinking through real world connections and interactions.

Candace Kretchmar, schoolhouse parent, will be taking the helm of Radicle Roots next year. From Candace:

I am passionate about education, about providing kids with opportunities to grow their interests, discover their passions and explore their abilities.  I’ve spent the last 7 years studying and working with various education methodologies and curricula, community schools and networks of homeschoolers and unschoolers.  I believe in trusting a child’s inherent curiosity to develop their interests and lead their educational pursuits; however, I believe it is the educator’s duty to provide children with diverse and rich experiences to spark those interests, as well as the scaffolding to pursue them in meaningful and authentic ways.  I believe in the importance of nature connection and have trained in the Art of Mentoring (Jon Young / Wilderness Awareness School).  I have a diverse educational background, including language arts, biology and chemistry and want to implement classroom practices based on the latest research in neuroscience and learning.

We are grateful to Caitlin for creating the place our kids love to go each day, for guiding them so deftly in resolving their conflicts, for her dedication to authentic experiential learning, for her own deep nature connection and commitment to sustainability and for creating the community in which our children continue to learn and grow.

Thank you Caitlin…for your drive and inspiration…for the vision that made a home for us all!

Come see us at the Alternative School Fair today to meet Candace and some of the wonderful community of Radicle Roots and hear about this thrilling new phase!

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