Parade!Club 2013

The inaugural year of Parade!Club was a blast from start to finish. We met every Wednesday after school for 6 weeks, where we planned and prepared for the annual event, HONK! TX. The theme we decided on, by vote, was wings and rainbow colors. We constructed a dragon float with rainbow wings and our colorful banner, made by Mollie, sparkled in the sun. We loved watching the process of costumes, ribbon dancers, and noisemakers come together each week. The day of HONK! TX we gathered with hundreds of people in full costume and paraded around East Austin with music from Laura Freeman’s Hey Lolly Brass Band.

Special thanks to all our Parade!Club kids for being awesome and our parents for being so supportive. Thanks to the amazing Laura Freeman for sharing her music, Mollie Nelson for sewing the most beautiful banner, Janice Beck our paper mache master, and to Kate Ludlow and Jen Arntson for putting our float together. We can’t wait for the next parade! 

To learn more about HONK!TX click here!

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