2016-2017 Enrollment Continues Through Summer


Although the deadline for 2016-2017 has passed, it’s not too late for your child to become part of the Radicle Roots learning community!

We are seeking the following students:

  • 5th grade – all genders
  • 4th grade – girls
  • 3rd grade – boys
  • 2nd grade – all genders

Please go here to sign up for a summertime tour appointment. Simply include a $20 late fee with the application fee. We’re looking forward to sharing this real-life learning path with your family!

Austin Nature and Science Center By: Emery

Today we went to the Austin Nature and Science Center. We went to the dino dig area, visited the mammals, and some of us went to the birds of prey. After lunch we got a lesson about mammals and birds and reptiles.

This is the Eastern Screech Owl. His name is Olive. He has a broken wing and eats moths, geckos, lizards, and june bugs. He catches prey with his claws.
Ben and Sam are petting a bunny he dosen’t like to be pets on the head! fun fact his feet are very good for digging.

Ben and Max are petting a ferret. She was very soft and crazy! Nice and fluffy. I liked her a lot, she was my number one animal.

Team Dino Dig here hanging out in a rib cage. They spend almost the whole morning working as a team to unearth fossils.

Temple of doom. by Dash,Noah & Max

 I had the idea to build the temple of doom. I felt like building a temple because I just wanted to have fun with my time. -Dash

I helped build this temple He started with a little area in the front and we made it longer and bigger because we wanted to make a track for a finger person who can walk in the temple of dooooooooooooom.-Noah

When I saw the temple of doom I thought it was cool so I helped Dash and Noah but I did not think it will be a blog but just a picture. I also thought that it was like a game called temple run.-Max

Field Trip to Atlassian By: Ben and Ella

  •  We are listening to the staff talk about their jobs. They told us about what they do. Becky the interviewer. Caitlin was the writer. Mickey was a coder. Steven and Forrest are programmers. Danny is a coder. Prabu was a communicator. Mike told us they use programs like Python. They make hipchat, bitbucket, and bamboo and many more. 
  • I am doing the walking robot game. It was a programming activity.  
  • This was on the roof of Atlassian. Great view!This is right after we came out of the elevator.  We felt excited because we were at Atlassian in the Colorado Tower downtown.
  • Abigail and Zwi are playing the robot game with Steven, a programmer. 
  • We are eating snacks on top of the roof of Atlassian.

The Cats of Roxville Station by zwi meza

For my project I read The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George and wrote a response journal. I chose the project because I like cats and I like to read, so I just thought maybe if I combined them together then I could get more into it and find other books like that. Like chapter books.
This is me reading the chapter book of The Cats of Roxville Station.This is the response journal and the book that I was reading. My response journal was about what happened in the book and what I think of the story.IMG_3828I recommend the book for people who like kind of adventures. And I thought the book is a good book and I liked it because there was some parts where you were very hopeful of something.

Noah’s tiger project!

I’m a Calvin and Hobbs fan and Hobbs is a tiger so that’s why I’m studying tigers. I found out that Siberian tigers usually prey on deer and wild pigs. They also like fish. I found out that the habitat Siberian tigers live in is the birch forests of Siberia in Eastern Russia. They live in cold climates where temperatures fall as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit and there is lots of snow. Finally,  I learned about
tigers’ stripes. I learned that scientists are not entirely sure but since tigers’ stripes help them blend into their surroundings, the ancient tigers that developed stripes have survived. Boom!
1. Wildlife Fact File – Siberian Tigers
2. National Geographic website

Gardening/Identifying By: Emery Christian

For my project, I did gardening and identifying plants. IMG_3822This is swiss chard, a vegetable. It’s better cooked, like kale or spinach. IMG_3823This is strawberries. I love strawberries and I have them for my snack today. There is one that just grew ripe, and I’m thinking of telling it at announcements.IMG_3824This is a cucumber. It looks like squash, but how you tell the difference is it’s more spiky and fuzzy. IMG_3825 This is Seminole squash, like I said don’t get it mistaken for cucumber. This one kind of feels like lambs ear, it’s soft and it’s a tad spiky.IMG_3826This is the mint. It’s an herb. It is kinda sourish spicy. It’s used in lots of tea, if you’ve seen mint tea. Another way I would describe it is tangy. IMG_3827I’m pretty sure everyone will know this one, TOMATOES! I love tomatoes, they’re one of my favorite fruits, but they’re not vegetables!

I love gardening, it’s one of my favorite things to do, but I’ve never really done it, I usually just pick things from the ground with the root still on with it and plant it somewhere else. Or I used to get beans that my mom never used and I used them for planting. One time they grew, but I never really got to see the beans, because I always forgot to water it. This time I got to water these plants in our garden and now they’re growing. I’m thinking about keep going with gardening for my next study. And I hope you like gardening too!

Cooking Project, By Abigail Christian

We cooked Quesadillas, Here is us making them. We used things from the garden.



Colby Jack Cheese


Green Onions



Salsa ( See below for Recipe! )


  1. Get the ingredients out and cut up the Spinach, Green onions, Cilantro and Parsley and Grate the Cheese.
  2. Heat up the Skillet to Medium. ( That’s what we used. )
  3. Put two Quesadillas on the Skillet and put the Cheese on both of them and leave one of them just Cheese. Now put Spinach, Green Onions, Cilantro and Parsley on the other one and let the Cheese melt on both of them.
  4. Now, Flip the one with only Cheese on the one with the greens, Let the Cheese melt the sides together.
  5. Take them off the Skillet and put you’re Quesadillas under a towel to keep them warm.
  6. Top with Salsa if you like. ( See Recipe Below! )
  7. Enjoy!

We also made Salsa for our Quesadillas, Here is the Recipe.




Lime Juice



1. Dice the Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro and  Parsley, and put them into a bowl.

2. Juice a Lime into the bowl.

3. Stir the Salsa for a minute, Then when everything looks mixed well you’re done.

4. Enjoy!

This is us Cutting up Tomatoes for the Salsa and Greens for the Quesadillas.

On this Quesadilla we used a Corn tortilla, We have flour ones to. Here is when i was grating the cheese for the Quesadillas.


Here are some California Rolls. We made them at a cooking class that we took at Central Market. california_roll_recipe83.20120831173958653.1.large

Here are some California Rolls, We made them at a cooking class that we took at Central Market. Here is the Recipe.




Dried Seaweed




1. Cut the Carrots, Avocados, Crab and Cucumbers into strips.

2. Put the Seaweed down and spread Rice over half of it.

3. Put all of your ingredients on the Rice.

4. Roll it up using Makisu ( Bamboo roller ). Put pressure on it so it will stick.

5. Stop, and open the roller to see the Sushi.

6. Cut up the Sushi and Enjoy!

I learned how to make a lot of different foods, I also wanted to learn how to cook. I picked this project because it sounded really fun to do.

Art Class: India

 Art class this week was filled with color and inspiration. After reading Grandfather Ghandi by Arun Ghandi and Bethany Hegedus and learning a bit of Bollywood dancing moves, they designed henna art on their hands and feet with washable markers. After, they decorated  Rangoli art with sidewalk chalk.   

My fashion project By Ella

I made three outfits in a fashion show for my project. This is Emery, she is the first model that comes up on the runway of my fashion show. She is wearing a two piece outfit, the fabric is yellow and white stripes with a pink belt that ties around her waist. I like her outfit because it has vibrant colors.

These are all of the models in the fashion show, the two girls on the left (Emery & Abigail) are the outfits that I have made for the show. This is the final part of the show where everyone is bowing. I felt excited because I finished my project and they all turned out great.

This is me, I wanted to a make a summer theme outfits so I thought octopus and the ocean seemed like a summer theme. I made a skirt that has octopus prints on the fabric. I made a dress with kitty print and a two pieces with bright yellow.

This is me hemming my octopus skirt that was on the runway. I learned how to use a sewing machine and how to hem fabric.