Yard Clean-up Wednesday 8/25

If you’ve got a spare hour or two, we’d love your help this Wednesday at 8:30 AM at the schoolhouse. We’ll scour the yard, removing broken glass and other hazards — and I guarantee we’ll find all kinds of cool treasures like these.

Bring gloves and water bottles, and you may want a hat and sunscreen too. We have rakes and such over here.

Meet and Greet

It was lovely to gather folks at Rosewood Park on perhaps one of our last chilly mornings. I shared my vision for next year, and then we went around the picnic table and heard what parents are looking for in an alternative to public school. Several kids came and romped too. I’m looking forward to building this community and to the possibilities ahead. Next steps: contact me with any further thoughts / questions, and we’ll set something up at my place to envision the space at the end of May. Here’s to new beginnings!