Orientation Weeks at RRCS

Things are in full swing!

The first two weeks of the year are devoted to orientation, since we are a different kind of learning community with an emphasis on self-direction and a balance between freedom and responsibility. So far we have shared about ourselves by showing our “Whooo are you? Museums,” learned the schedule of the day, taken a tour of our campus and learned the boundaries, discussed our community values, begun to understand what Self-Directed Learning is all about, practiced using conflict resolution and council meetings to solve conflicts, and planted radish or snap pea seeds to demonstrate the meaning of our name (Radicle is a biology term meaning the smallest part of the seed that becomes the root).

And those are just the topics we covered in the first week!!

The second week we learned about democratic meetings, sustainability and nature connection, how we keep portfolios, what showcases are, and some of our traditions like Park Days and the Camp Out. Towards the end of the week we split into our age-separated classes and learned more about the particulars of each group’s lesson time. Fridays are our weekly field trips and it’s a schoolhouse tradition to go to Deep Eddy Pool as the first trip of the year. The weather was perfect for a dip in the cool natural waters.
A project in progress is our new garden. Just yesterday morning a group of fearless parents and kids volunteered to dig out a swale that will be filled with wood chip mulch. This path is uphill from the first garden bed so it will act as a sponge, soaking up rainwater runoff to water the crops and prevent erosion. Permie Power! Let’s hope for lots of rain this season! (Check out our Facebook page to see pictures.)

Lunch in the Owl Perch
Painting during self-directed learning
Sharing our “Who Are You?” Museums
Field trip mural.


Finding new creatures around the land.
Finding our sit spot for nature awareness
Spending time in nature
Sketching in our nature notebooks
New swing tag game
Riding back to the schoolhouse
Deep Eddy swimming
We are right next to the #18 bus route!
Waiting for the bus.
Screen printing our logo
Experimenting with river systems in the playground
Making yummy mud cookies and pies.


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