Lately at the schoolhouse

This time of year goes by so fast! The leaves are slowly changing, there is a crisp in the air, and we are finally putting on our autumn layers (and rain gear) to go with the changing seasons. Once school started we got right into our units and self-directed learning activities. Caitlin’s class started a thematic unit on boats. They conducted several hands-on science experiments to learn about boats and water through active investigation.


Laura’s class studied maps. We were curious about our 3 acres and decided to make it our first unit of study. We researched, observed, and built a 3D model/map of our land using various mediums.

IMG_972212143104_901102959936798_2580288915858937447_nOne of our awesome parents, Kate, is teaching art class this year. Every other Wednesday she comes in and does an art history lesson with an art connection. For the first one they talked about how Neolithic Man lived, checked out a Virtual Tour of the Lascaux Caves, and looked at similar painting techniques appearing around the world (Australia, South America). They worked together to create a painting based on La Cueva de los Manos in Argentina. They made and mixed paint using pigments and oil!


Our garden is looking great and loving this cooler weather. Parents and students have put in so much time and effort to make our garden awesome. Selwyn, Angela, and Abinadi dug out the swale that is now filled with wood chip mulch. The path is uphill from the first garden bed so it acts as a sponge, soaking up rainwater runoff to water the crops and prevent erosion. Permie Power!

11143293_889500564430371_2923213713104950702_n IMG_9902The Halloween spirit was in full force. Laura’s class launched writers workshop and wrote scary stories inspired by Harris Burdick. We also dressed up and it was fun to see everyone in costume!

IMG_9974IMG_0011The students love self-directed learning. The weather has been nice, so they’ve been outside skateboarding and biking more. There has also been dramatic play and tag games. We’ve also started our self-directed learning projects that we will show at the showcase coming up.

IMG_9914 IMG_9906     IMG_0119 IMG_0112

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