Late Summer Garden Update

The early gardener gets the cherry tomatoes!

Thanks to all the garden-sitting volunteers, the schoolhouse garden is alive and thriving as we reconvened after the summer. It was no small feat, considering how hot and dry it was. The garden looks great!

A special shout-out to Nicholas Koch and his company, Equitable Green Group, for installing our brand-new awesome rain barrel! And thanks to the city of Austin for the grant that paid for it! Caitlin and I applied for the Bright Green Futures grant almost two years ago; the city gave us the grant last fall; Nick installed the rain barrel this summer; and Hurricane Harvey filled it up. And thanks to a generous donation from a friendly neighbor, it’s now hooked up to a new garden hose. We are ready to put it to work. 😀

Rain tank overflowing with Harvey’s rain.
The kids have been busy in the garden too. They made tea from mint that they picked and that they shelled dried black-eyed pea pods last week. Many mornings you can find children harvesting black-eyed peas, a few tomatoes, and lots of Tatume squash. They also helped pull up bindweed, which makes pretty flowers but spreads like crazy and out-competes the more useful plants.
Showing off the harvest!
We have a small number of okra plants, which are producing a few pods. One of the pods is almost mature enough to pick and dry for seeds to plant next May! The kids also like to nibble on the perennial herbs, including mint, oregano, and garlic chives – a fave snack during Democratic Meetings each Friday. Yarrow and aloe are also on hand in the garden for cuts, scrapes, and itchy bug bites.
By Angela
(Our Permaculture Guru and Sam’s Mom)

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