Issue Two

Rio’s text reads: WE WR PANTING
Yoli’s text reads: We’re at Ann and Scott house. They had chickes, two goats, and Mr. Friend

This Just In! Late Breaking News!
The schoolhouse kids had a visitor, looked forward to all day in fact, who helped us make these beautiful toolboxes for our school tools. Allen and Yoli put these beautiful, sturdy cedar boxes together at their house, and the kids got to use screwdrivers to put in the screws. Eight of ’em all together, and it was very satisfying. Allen was thanked profusely and rewarded with a juice popsicle. They applied their practiced screwdrivers to the puppet theater next, and were much more successful than yesterday. Allen promised to come back and see what we’d made with our art supplies, organized so well in new toolboxes.

The Prototype: Willard’s grandad’s shoeshine box

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