Human Powered Unit and Shadow Puppet Play

We recently wrapped up our human powered unit and held a showcase to present our projects.

 In this unit, we studied Rube Goldberg and Leonardo da Vinci, took a field trip to visit Lee at Eastside Pedal Pushers, and had a lesson from Kami from the Tinkering School to explore simple machines. We had a final project based on compound machines. The choices were to construct a small a model, conduct an interview about your machine, or build the real thing. We all had a blast creating new tools and brainstorming creative ideas like Rube and Leonardo. We also learned that simple machines are all around us! Camryn (not pictured) build a model of a bike that pumps water. 

Rio build a cart for his bike. 

Sy build a contraption that lets him fly his kite while riding his bike.

Renee build a model of her wheelbarrow bike.

Amelia and Jonas were hosts and interviewees for their projects. 

 Our shadow puppet play is still in the works. We recently came up with a title, The Sword, the Stone, and the Monster. We have been rehearsing and practicing our lines to prepare for our opening night which is Friday May 24th at 6:30 pm. Emily, Renee’s sister, has been amazing and has been helping us with this unit. 

Doing a reading of our script we wrote together.

Puppet building in progress.


Sneak peek!!

We are now working on a newspaper unit with a focus on the writing process. We have guest speakers coming in for this and we are getting excited! More to come…

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