Holidays! Market Day! Earth Native! Part I

We’re back! After a two week break from school, we are ready and excited about our spring semester. We ended 2012 with a huge bang! The holidays and break brought lots of excitement and anticipation. We baked, decorated, and delivered cookies to our neighbors, held a Market day showcase for our friends and family, and explored different winter holidays. 

We prepared for Market Day by studying different types of economies, like bartering and monetary, and also read about the history of money. Everyone practiced counting money and making change, as well as using customer service. Renee’s mom, Dino, came in and talked about advertisements which lead to great posters and signs. (which we hung up around the block and on our tables). 

Sy and Rio’s rock and lego stand

Renee’s rose drawings and paper bead stand (snake scarf not for sale)

Jonas’ self decorating cookies and Amelia’s Norwegian krumkake cookies

Emily’s crocheted hats and scarfs stand

Mia’s braid and massage stand

Caitlin’s book stand

Laura and Rio’s date and hot chocolate stand

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