Halloween Celebration

Our Halloween celebration turned out great. We started planning weeks in advance and made grand plans. There was to be a play, a dance party, games, food, a parade, decorations, and costumes. We had our hands full to say the least. Designing and rehearsing the play titled “Zombies at Dusk,” took a lot of time and effort from the students. It ended up being 12 scenes with three settings and several costume changes. Through the process we all learned a lot about working with a group, communicating our needs, and listening to new ideas. It was all worth it when our parents showed up to watch the opening night of the play. They did a fantastic job!

We had a small parade around the neighborhood in the morning. We sang “5 little pumpkins,” a few times and blasted “Thriller,” while dancing amongst the giant Live Oaks with our ghost puppet.

Thanks to all our supportive parents who came to see our performance! We had a great time.







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