Gardening/Identifying By: Emery Christian

For my project, I did gardening and identifying plants. IMG_3822This is swiss chard, a vegetable. It’s better cooked, like kale or spinach. IMG_3823This is strawberries. I love strawberries and I have them for my snack today. There is one that just grew ripe, and I’m thinking of telling it at announcements.IMG_3824This is a cucumber. It looks like squash, but how you tell the difference is it’s more spiky and fuzzy. IMG_3825 This is Seminole squash, like I said don’t get it mistaken for cucumber. This one kind of feels like lambs ear, it’s soft and it’s a tad spiky.IMG_3826This is the mint. It’s an herb. It is kinda sourish spicy. It’s used in lots of tea, if you’ve seen mint tea. Another way I would describe it is tangy. IMG_3827I’m pretty sure everyone will know this one, TOMATOES! I love tomatoes, they’re one of my favorite fruits, but they’re not vegetables!

I love gardening, it’s one of my favorite things to do, but I’ve never really done it, I usually just pick things from the ground with the root still on with it and plant it somewhere else. Or I used to get beans that my mom never used and I used them for planting. One time they grew, but I never really got to see the beans, because I always forgot to water it. This time I got to water these plants in our garden and now they’re growing. I’m thinking about keep going with gardening for my next study. And I hope you like gardening too!

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