Field Trips and Sustainability days

We take weekly field trips. Yes, every Monday we hop in the van, take the city bus, or walk to a different destination around town. We are an all weather school, so we bundle up in the winter, throw on rain gear when its raining, and layer on sunscreen and wear hats in the hot weather. This year we teamed up with Earth Native Wilderness School for monthly survival classes. We practice making connections with nature and our earth, which is one of our core practices. In the beginning of the year, we ask for student input on places to visit and plan several wilderness trips around Austin. So far this year we’ve taken trips to Deep Eddy Pool, McKinney Falls, canoeing on Lady Bird (a schoolhouse tradition), backstage at Bass Concert Hall, Faulk Library, Eastwoods Park, and Hornsby Bend. Every Monday is an new adventure and we love every minute of it.

Our focus sustainability days happen once a month. Teachers plan activities around a theme and help students understand the importance of our earth’s resources. We talk about what we can actively do to take care of our earth and each other. So far we’ve learned about the importance of food, water, and waste.











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