Cooking Project, By Abigail Christian

We cooked Quesadillas, Here is us making them. We used things from the garden.



Colby Jack Cheese


Green Onions



Salsa ( See below for Recipe! )


  1. Get the ingredients out and cut up the Spinach, Green onions, Cilantro and Parsley and Grate the Cheese.
  2. Heat up the Skillet to Medium. ( That’s what we used. )
  3. Put two Quesadillas on the Skillet and put the Cheese on both of them and leave one of them just Cheese. Now put Spinach, Green Onions, Cilantro and Parsley on the other one and let the Cheese melt on both of them.
  4. Now, Flip the one with only Cheese on the one with the greens, Let the Cheese melt the sides together.
  5. Take them off the Skillet and put you’re Quesadillas under a towel to keep them warm.
  6. Top with Salsa if you like. ( See Recipe Below! )
  7. Enjoy!

We also made Salsa for our Quesadillas, Here is the Recipe.




Lime Juice



1. Dice the Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro and  Parsley, and put them into a bowl.

2. Juice a Lime into the bowl.

3. Stir the Salsa for a minute, Then when everything looks mixed well you’re done.

4. Enjoy!

This is us Cutting up Tomatoes for the Salsa and Greens for the Quesadillas.

On this Quesadilla we used a Corn tortilla, We have flour ones to. Here is when i was grating the cheese for the Quesadillas.


Here are some California Rolls. We made them at a cooking class that we took at Central Market. california_roll_recipe83.20120831173958653.1.large

Here are some California Rolls, We made them at a cooking class that we took at Central Market. Here is the Recipe.




Dried Seaweed




1. Cut the Carrots, Avocados, Crab and Cucumbers into strips.

2. Put the Seaweed down and spread Rice over half of it.

3. Put all of your ingredients on the Rice.

4. Roll it up using Makisu ( Bamboo roller ). Put pressure on it so it will stick.

5. Stop, and open the roller to see the Sushi.

6. Cut up the Sushi and Enjoy!

I learned how to make a lot of different foods, I also wanted to learn how to cook. I picked this project because it sounded really fun to do.

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