Cardboard Challenge Showcase

At the end of each unit the kids get the opportunity to showcase all their hard work to family and friends. During our cardboard challenge unit, we studied architecture and had lots of time to construct and build arcade games. Our inspiration came from Caine, a boy with a huge imagination and a lot of creativity. It didn’t take long before the schoolhouse was taken over by cardboard, recycled materials, scissors, and tape. So much tape! They had a blast in the process and their creations all turned out great!

Our showcase was after school on Friday. When everyone arrived, the schoolhouse was buzzing with excitement! The kids loved showing their portfolios, projects, and talking about all they have learned in class lessons. Then it was time for the schoolhouse arcade to open! We all headed to the backyard where everyone got to play each others games. There were tickets, prizes, and points earned left and right. It was great to see the kids so proud of their creations.

If you haven’t seen the Caine’s arcade video on how the cardboard challenge came about, you can watch it here.

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