Busy week at the Schoolhouse!

Last week had a hectic pace. We had so many great things planned!

First there was Costume Day, where we could dress up in honor of Mardi Gras. Thursday morning we had our first-ever kid-suggested Hot Sauce Day, where we tried various kinds of yummy salsa. In the afternoon, we harvested lots of greens and herbs in the front garden for Garden Day to help prepare for our hugelkulture bed to be created. Finally, we squeezed time at the end of the day Thursday to share Valentine’s Day appreciation cards and eat goodies together. Friday we headed to Bastrop for our weekly field trip. We visited and learned about sustainable home building using compressed earth blocks. We learned some pretty fascinating information on the Bastrop fires and how the community is still recovering. 

Amelia loved these oversized shoes

Thank you Dino and Dan for driving and coming out with us to Bastrop! 

Jonas in a fierce wolf hat
Sy in awesome adventure goggles

In full costume

Sy created a multi-level obstacle course gym. Here he is demonstrating how to use the course.

Hot Sauce Day snacks were offered outside

Renee made this beautiful bracelet outside
Rio using the PARADE!CLUB ribbons like a pro

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Earth house under construction in Bastrop

The blocks were about 40 lbs and were very cool to the touch – great thermal mass!

Learning about sustainable building
Saturday we held a hugelkultur workshop at the schoolhouse. Renee and Amelia came out to help and showed the other kids around the schoolhouse! 

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this week! 
Check out more pictures here!

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