Austin Nature and Science Center By: Emery

Today we went to the Austin Nature and Science Center. We went to the dino dig area, visited the mammals, and some of us went to the birds of prey. After lunch we got a lesson about mammals and birds and reptiles.

This is the Eastern Screech Owl. His name is Olive. He has a broken wing and eats moths, geckos, lizards, and june bugs. He catches prey with his claws.
Ben and Sam are petting a bunny he dosen’t like to be pets on the head! fun fact his feet are very good for digging.

Ben and Max are petting a ferret. She was very soft and crazy! Nice and fluffy. I liked her a lot, she was my number one animal.

Team Dino Dig here hanging out in a rib cage. They spend almost the whole morning working as a team to unearth fossils.

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