Austin Humane Society

We recently took a tour of the Austin humane society and got a chance to see all the amazing work the volunteers do everyday. All the animals were so cute and the best part was getting to pet the cats and puppy. We made items off their wish list like cat beds and toys and brought them for donation. It was great to know what we made will help the animals directly. We had a great time! 

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4 thoughts on “Austin Humane Society”

    1. Hi Liam, We still intend to expand to the 8th grade eventually, and I will be in touch if we add those grades in time for you to participate. I’d love to mentor you outside of the schoolhouse, though; we could have an activity day or hang out and catch up time! Let me know if you want to, that would be fun.

    1. That’s a great idea. I’ll look into adding the capability for you to subscribe to the blog! Thanks for staying in touch, Liam! We would love to hear how you’re doing. Take care!

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