Austin Animal Center

This picture is priceless

There are several of us at the schoolhouse who adore animals, so we decided to take a trip to visit the new Austin Animal Center facility. We took the #17 bus this morning and arrived with ample time to have a snack and run around the grounds. 

Sarah was our tour guide for the day. She informed us of what they do at the center and gave us lots of facts about the animals that lived there. The most important fact we learned was when you turn 13 you can come and volunteer with a parent or guardian! We were all buzzing with excitement when it was time to go see all the furry faces. We first saw the cats, kittens, puppies, and small dogs who were behind glass walls. They were ADORABLE!  Then we went to a special room where you could pet and hold the cats who were up for adoption. They were also, ADORABLE! 

Rio and a kitten
Learning about the microchip

Viewing the puppies

It was hard to leave the petting room, but we still had to see more of the facility. We were given special treats to give to the big dogs, and we all took turns handing them out. Yes, they were ADORABLE! We saw lots of caring volunteers who were walking the dogs around the center or just hanging out spending time with the animals. 

I’m adorable! 
Le mew
Renee giving out yummy treats
Amelia giving treats with Sarah

Jonas giving out treats


We ate lunch, wrote in our reflection journals, and hopped on the bus again to head back. But wait! We still had time, so we walked to Zaragoza Park where we had time to relax and enjoy the warm weather. What a great adventure.

Austin Animal Center

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