A great start to the new year

January is flying by and we are enjoying the ride. Our nature field trip for the month was requested by our students. We packed our lunches, hopped on the Metro, and headed to Zilker Park. The sun came shining out and we even got to put our feet in the water. 
On our way!
Caleb getting a close look. 
Marina and the ducks. 
Max on the walk to the water. 
There was a log see-saw and it was fun to bounce up and down. 
We brought our nature notebooks and found a sit-spot to observe nature and did some sketching. 
Laura’s class is studying biographies of Amelia Earhart, Charles Darwin, Frida Kahlo, and Jacques Cousteau. 
For art class this week, we investigated Egyptian hieroglyphics from 3100-30 BC and wrote our name on cartouches. 
 Jack and his bagel face.
Our Thursday Theme this week was show and tell. Everyone brought something special to share. 

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