A Glimpse of Farm Day

We spent our morning hours in the Neighborhood Garden today, starting out with weeding our plots, quickly moving to mulching the paths from the mountain of mulch, and then built the beginnings of a fort. Although at times it was a plane and a rocket too. Here’s what the kids said about it:

Rio: Today I built a seat, a bench with a foot board at the bottom. And I found some treasures. [I put them] under a board. There was a trap door. There are some more treasures… [you’ll have to get the juicy details from him!]

Bruno: Today I played batman in the garden. I used the white batman watch that [Caitlin] painted. And a stick for the batman sword and I’m wearing a batman sock. I didn’t build anything today.

Eli: I built part of the plane. A thin log that was straight, and a fat one. It was round, but not as round as a ball.

Then we discussed what makes “real” building. Bruno and Eli were of the opinion that it takes using hammer and nails, but Rio and I brought up the fact that we created a new structure just by putting logs together. So we’ll be doing some “real” building soon, to compare. Our hypothesis was that if you use hammer and nails it will last longer, but we agreed that we still built things today.

We also mixed playdough from flour, salt, and warm water, and had a sensory experience kneading, pounding, rolling, poking, and shaping our dough. 

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