Visit to Sy’s House

Today we headed north to spend time at Sy’s house. We all had a great time getting to know Sy, Nicole (Sy’s mom), and Sue (Sy’s grandma). We spent time exploring the spacious front yard, playing hide and go seek,  perfecting yoga poses in the studio, and building lego masterpieces.  

Amelia and Renee exploring the garden

Treasures are everywhere

Jonas and Sy in the front yard

Nicole made a delicious clove,

 ginger, and black pepper tea

Mia enjoying the tea

Nicole showing us a relaxing pose in the studio. 

Mia in full lotus

Renee and her lego masterpiece!

Caitlin getting us ready to catch the bus. 

More pictures to check out!

Thank you Nicole, Sy, and Sue for having us over! 

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