5th Annual canoe trip with Andrew from Hatch

One of our many traditions at the schoolhouse is to take a canoe trip on Town Lake. We usually go in late September or early October, but bad weather postponed our trip for late November. We thought it would be too cold and kinda miserable, but we lucked out and ended up going on one of the most beautiful autumn days yet. Andrew, from Hatch workshop, comes with us every year and brings along his stunning handmade canoe. Our field trip consisted of learning the different parts of the boat, how to paddle, and canoeing to Secret Island where we can explore and play.

The morning brings quiet waters and excited kids.IMG_0379 IMG_0381

Paddle school!


And we’re off!

IMG_0387 IMG_0392 IMG_0395 IMG_0400

We made it Secret Island and immediately started making fairy shelters. IMG_0405

This is the second time for many of our kids to explore the island. IMG_0406 IMG_0412

While we were on the island, Allen shared his expertise on fossils. He brought different fossils to show us and explained what they were and what era they came from. It was amazing to think about how old things can be and how different the world was at one time.


Overall, we had a blast hanging out outside all day and getting some time to explore and play on the water and land. Thanks to our volunteers who came with us, Liz, Allen, Nathan, and Andrew! Thanks for sharing your canoes with us!

Check out the cool things Andrew and his team are building over at Hatch! Hatch WebsiteIMG_0427

This is our group ‘dinosaurs paddling’ picture.

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