Field Trip to Atlassian By: Ben and Ella

  •  We are listening to the staff talk about their jobs. They told us about what they do. Becky the interviewer. Caitlin was the writer. Mickey was a coder. Steven and Forrest are programmers. Danny is a coder. Prabu was a communicator. Mike told us they use programs like Python. They make hipchat, bitbucket, and bamboo and many more. 
  • I am doing the walking robot game. It was a programming activity.  
  • This was on the roof of Atlassian. Great view!This is right after we came out of the elevator.  We felt excited because we were at Atlassian in the Colorado Tower downtown.
  • Abigail and Zwi are playing the robot game with Steven, a programmer. 
  • We are eating snacks on top of the roof of Atlassian.

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