OH NO OH DEAR I’ve become my own pet peeve: an inactive blogger!
Sorry for the info drought, y’all.

This Spring we’ve had some great classes going on.
In addition to our regular Tuesday field trips, we have:
Woodworking with Kami and Matt at the Austin Tinkering School
Film Class with Emily, Renee’s 16 year old sister – on our second production
Art Class with Kami of the Austin Tinkering School
Writing Workshop on Friday mornings
and we just wrapped up Greek Myths class with an awesome Greek Feast

We’ve been engaged in a study of Water, focusing on Boggy Creek, right down the street from us.

…so we’ve been busy!

Keep scrollin’ for photos from this week … hope to have more soon.

Puppet Production Filming, Hoop Club with Laura, Quiet Time, Friday Swimming

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