My fashion project By Ella

I made three outfits in a fashion show for my project. This is Emery, she is the first model that comes up on the runway of my fashion show. She is wearing a two piece outfit, the fabric is yellow and white stripes with a pink belt that ties around her waist. I like her outfit because it has vibrant colors.

These are all of the models in the fashion show, the two girls on the left (Emery & Abigail) are the outfits that I have made for the show. This is the final part of the show where everyone is bowing. I felt excited because I finished my project and they all turned out great.

This is me, I wanted to a make a summer theme outfits so I thought octopus and the ocean seemed like a summer theme. I made a skirt that has octopus prints on the fabric. I made a dress with kitty print and a two pieces with bright yellow.

This is me hemming my octopus skirt that was on the runway. I learned how to use a sewing machine and how to hem fabric.

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